As satisfying as it is to build the perfect one-match fire, traditional fire starters take too long to start your fire and also produce smoke which could damage your chimney!! When is comes to lighting your BBQ, Fire Place, Wood and Pellet Stove, you will find no better fire starter than Majestic Firestarter. These Firestarters are guaranteed to burn cleaner, hotter and longer.

person lighting fire starter
firestarter lit on fire

Made in the USA with 100% Recycled Red Cedar and up to thirty minutes of burn time, one match lighting, environmentally-friendly design and outstanding value, you no longer need to waste time and money on ineffective Firestarters.

The firestarter you can trust

Majestic Firestarters consistently burn hotter, longer and cleaner in all but the most severe weather conditions. Come wind or rain, Majestic Firestarters starts quickly with waterproof matches or windproof lighter.

Scored for four

Starting fires has never been easier. Each 3¾" diameter disc is scored and easily broken into ¼ pieces to get your fire burning swiftly.

Easy to be green and better taste too

Majestic Firestarters are made from 100% recycled Red Cedar shavings and refined paraffin, so you can cook with confidence knowing that you'll only taste the food not the fire. There's no fuel odor, residue, or dangerous flare ups! It's easy, safe and clean to store too.

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6 pack $10.00
12 pack $18.00
18 pack $23.00

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